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Future Cities

Urban scholars, practitioners and activists need spaces of imagination to sketch socially and politically transformative action in cities. The Masterstudio Future Cities provides the creative and experimental environment where to rethink collaboratively the change of urban society beyond mainstream prototypes. It enables participants to grasp conceptual and practical tools of urban intervention in order to tackle the contemporary challenges of environmental crises, energy/resource sufficiency, hyper-diverse living and inclusive collective action. It invites participants to challenge predefined understandings of urban change and to reinvent courses of action.

The Masterstudio is organized according to principles of engaged scholarship, reflective practice and collaboration. During an intense 7-day program, participants are exposed to the complexity of views and discourses of urban change, through a range of international academic lectures, Amsterdam based examples of urban innovation, political activism and artistic expression. The morning program is open to subscribed participants. In the afternoons, the students enrolled in the MA program ‘Urban Planning’ at the University of Amsterdam, work in teams to define the urgent problems and solutions for societal change in cities. Amsterdam region provides the context of their work.

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